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About Dawn

About Dawn

Dawn Thompson is living proof that you can change your life around and achieve your personal and professional goals!


Not only is Dawn a Christian and a single mom of 3 amazing children, she is a transformational coach, speaker, author and award-winning business owner. She is full of southern sass and charm. She is raw, real and relatable; she will move you with her vivacious personality.


Dawn’s life hasn’t always been full of great achievements. For most of her life she felt like she wasn’t good enough. She has had an interesting past which has brought her to where she is now.

As Dawn says, “I now use my mess as a message.”


Dawn is a busy, hardworking and dedicated woman. Her passion has always been to help others.


For almost 3 decades she has owned and operated Spa Bella, Inc. She also started a non-profit 18 years ago called Operation Spa Kids Adopt-A-Box. This organization helps children and their family members who are in need. It started out as just hygiene items and has now grown by providing clothing, food & furnishings.


From helping people in the beauty and spa industries to helping those in need, this can itself be considered satisfying. However, Dawn was not fulfilled and happy with herself, which led her down a very dark path where she hit “rock bottom.” During that dark time, she asked God to help her change her ways and began to have a relationship with Him. 


About a decade ago, she dove deep into self-development. She has been blessed to work with some of the world’s best such as Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, Sean Stephenson and Tinnie McCarty. She has learned so much about herself and how to overcome very challenging obstacles.


With all the knowledge she has gained, the relationship she built with God and her giving heart, she didn’t want to just help herself. She is very determined and passionate about helping people know their worth because for so long, she didn’t know her own.


So, she started The You’re Enough® Movement to empower people around the world to know: 

They Are Loved 

They Matter

They Have A Purpose!


Dawn has since taken it a step further and so began The You’re Enough® University. There are many different ways to learn at the University. There you will find out how to reach your true potential and become the best version of yourself because

Through the Cross, You’re Enough®.


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